4567061969_258x384I grew up in South Africa in a family of two painters, two graphic designers and three ballet dancers and am proud to continue this creative legacy as a set designer here in Chicago. I studied design at Northwestern University with Dan Ostling, Todd Rosenthal, Linda Roethke and Virgil Johnson, doubling my theatre studies with art history. After graduating I spent two years (2009-2010) working in London, UK, for amazing small houses like The Almeida, The Gate Theatre, The Bush Theatre and The Finborough.

In Chicago I work all over the city for the likes of Victory Gardens, Theatre Wit, Lifeline Theatre, and Remy Bummpo. I have been a company member with the Griffin Theatre since 2011 where I have designed 8 productions. My design work is focused on the impact a stage has on the performers: how they interact with each other, with objects and of course with the audience.  I believe in a performer-centric design philosophy, and stage design that impacts the performers’ actions in ways fruitful to furthering the story. I draw my influences from artists whose work  captures the distillation of ideas into simple strokes, like Japanese calligraphy. I am a great admirer of the work of my university professors Dan Ostling and Todd Rosenthal, and artists as different as Clyfford Still and Egon Schiele.